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IMEA State Solo & Ensemble Competition

The 2017 State Solo & Ensemble Competition will be held at Post Falls High School in Post Falls, Idaho on May 5th & 6th, 2017. Woodwind Ensembles have been added this year. Be sure to register State Solo & Ensemble entries after you district festival is completed and students have been selected to participate in the state competition.

If you have any questions about the State Solo Competition, contact Eva Hale, the State Solo Chair.

Idaho State Solo & Ensemble Rules & Regulations - 2017

  1. This will be a solo & ensemble contest, with only String and Woodwind Ensembles being accepted in 2017. To qualify for participation, a student must:
    • Be eligible for and participate in their District Solo/Ensemble Festival
    • Perform a solo, string ensemble, or woodwind ensemble from the IMEA State Solo List or the Texas UIL Prescribed Music List
    • Receive a Superior (1) rating;
    • Be placed in the top two instrumental soloists or ensembles for each category or the top three vocal categories from the District
    • Students must perform the same solo or ensemble at the State Solo Contest that they used to qualify at the District Festival. Total time limit for each performer will be: vocal-8 minutes; instrumental-10 minutes; string-12 (which includes tuning). Electronic timers will be used by Room Monitors to insure that time limits will not be exceeded. No student will be allowed to perform before their scheduled time. Digital Clocks will be provided each performance area and will be synchronized with the Tabulation Room Clock. “Smart Music” or similar computer generated accompaniment may be used, but of the program and all equipment, (computer, speakers, microphone, extension cords, etc.) must be furnished by the student and no extra time for set up or tear down is allowed, they must stay within their time limits. Recorded, i.e. CD, MP3, etc. accompaniments are not allowed. The accompaniment must follow the performer, not visa versa.
  2. Judges at District Music Festivals (i.e. Districts I-VI and Gem State) will prepare prioritized lists, by category, of all students who have entered the State Solo & Ensemble Contest at the district level and received a Superior rating. The first two students in instrumental categories and the first three for vocal categories on each list will represent their District at the State Solo Contest. The remainder of each list will be alternates and may be selected by the State Contest Chair to fill vacancies in their category not used by other Districts. In the event that there are more vacancies than alternates, the 1st alternate from each District will be selected. If there are more 1st alternates than vacancies, then none will be selected. It is possible that a District may send several entrants in a given category if there are not qualified entrants and alternates from other districts.
  3. The following 34 categories are available:
    • Woodwind: Flute, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Oboe, Bassoon, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone
    • Woodwind Ensembles: Trio, Quartet, Quintet
    • Strings: Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass
    • String Ensembles: Trio, Quartet, Quintet
    • Percussion: Snare Drum (Concert or Rudimental), Keyboard Percussion (Xylophone, Marimba, or Vibraphone), Multiple Percussion/Drum Set, Timpani
    • Brass: Trumpet/Cornet, French Horn, Trombone, Euphonium/Baritone, Tuba
    • Voice: Soprano, Mezzo, Alto, Tenor, Baritone, Bass.
  4. Students may enter more than one category, but may not participate in more than one vocal category.
  5. Each soloist and ensemble at the state contest will be judged by at least two category competent judges.
  6. Judges will award points to each participant using the adjudication forms provided. Selection of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners and a 4th place winner in vocal categories will be determined using the judges score. 1st, 2nd, 3rd and vocal 4th place winners will receive medals. All contest participants will receive a certificate of participation.
  7. Students are not allowed to perform any solo or ensemble more than once during their school career. A different State Solo or Ensemble must be learned each year they compete which means that a different State Solo Number from the official State Solo Music List must be used each year. For example, if a student performs only one movement from a concerto or one selection from a collection, they must choose an entirely new concerto or collection to play as all other movements/selections have the same State Solo number. The student's director will verify that the selection has not been performed by this student at a prior State Solo & Ensemble Contest.
  8. Memorization is required for all vocal solos and is encouraged but optional for instrumental solos.
  9. For adjudication purposes, soloists and ensembles shall furnish a (1) published score of the music. All measures need to be numbered and the contestant's number placed on the title page. NO STUDENT OR SCHOOL NAMES ARE TO BE WRITTEN ON THE MUSIC. The contestant number will be used to return the scores. Photocopies are prohibited unless accompanied by a permission letter from the copyright holder (publisher) making it a permissible copy. Furnishing an illegal photocopy will disqualify the participant.
  10. The Student Entry Forms must be completed on line by the directors of the student participants after they have been selected for the state competition. Students are not allowed to compete their form but they are required to type an electronic signature verifying information. The form may be found HERE. Directors that are not members of IMEA must contact the IMEA Web Master to receive needed information prior to registering their students. Instructions for completion are on the web site. The contestant's individual Student Entry Forms for all participants will be completed and submitted on line (see the IMEA Website, State Solo Contest) within one week following the District Solo/Ensemble Festival but not later than the first Monday of April. Participant's fees must follow within one week of submission of the on-line form or that district's contestants may not be allowed to perform. Checks should be made payable to IMEA and mailed to: Eva Hale, State Solo Chair, #1 Indian Territory, Buhl, ID 83316. School Districts may pay for all students fees from their school in one check but please list who the check is paying for. Forms for alternates must be completed within one week of notification that they have been entered into the State Solo & Ensemble Contest. Fees for alternates may be paid at a later time, but before the contestant performs.
  11. Each contestant must pay a non-refundable participation fee, only checks made payable to IMEA will be accepted. The fee structure for students whose directors are members of IMEA is: Early Bird Fee = $45.00; Fees postmarked after April 25th = $70.00. The fee structure for students whose directors are not members of IMEA is: Early Bird Fee = $156.00; Fees postmarked after April 25th = $181.00. Students must secure their own transportation to the contest site. Alternates will pay the Early Bird Fee. Parents, booster clubs, or schools may assist. Students should be properly chaperoned and appropriately involved in contest activities. If you need an invoice to facilitate payment, you may download it HERE.
  12. District Presidents or District Festival managers should forward via email the District Prioritized Lists Excel file listing all qualifying students and potential alternates from their District who qualify to the State Solo Chair within three days of their Solo/Ensemble festival but no later than the first Monday of April, (postmark determines date of mailing).
  13. Awards will be announced and medals given at the end of the event in an Awards Ceremony. Complete results of the contest will be posted by contestant number on the IMEA Web Site within one week following the contest.

Questions? Contact the State Solo Chair:

Eva Hale
State Solo Chair
Buhl School District
#1 Indian Territory
Buhl, ID 83316

Idaho IMEA State Solo Brass List - 2015

The Solo List will not be changed for 2015

EDITOR'S NOTES: Instrumentalists (winds, strings, and percussion) may choose from either this list or the Texas UIL Prescribed Music List (PML), Grade 1. You can access the PML here. Remember, it must be a Grade 1 piece from a matching IMEA solo category. PLEASE check the lists for anyone wishing to enter the State Solo Contest and select only a piece from this lists. It is always a tragedy to have a student work so hard on a piece and then be disqualified because the lists weren't checked and their selection isn't on the lists. For questions or comments please contact Eva Hale.

To make suggestions for the revision of the list, please submit them using the List Revision Form (Word File).


Note: Editions listed are suggested, not required.
^ = unaccompanied * = band or orchestra accompaniment avail.


Solo # Title Composer Publisher
TR17 Aria con Variazioni Handel Belwin
TR6 Caprice Bozza Leduc
TR2 Carnival of Venice H Clarke Witmark
TR16 Concert Etude Goedicke Music Corp of A.
TR1 Concerto Arutunian Int
TR18 Concerto (1 & 2 or 2 & 3) Haydn Kal/GS*
TR21 Concerto (1 or 3) Hummel Kal/HL/King*
TR32 Concoctions John Cheetham Theodore Presser
TR15 Contest Piece Geddalge Int
TR31 Feu d'Artifice Gabaye P. Leduc
TR5 Napoli Bellstedt SMC*
TR3 Prelude et Ballade Balay Belwin
TR9 Shores of the Mighty Pacific Clarke Warner Bros
TR22 Sonata (any mvt) Kennan Warner Bros
TR11 Sonata VIII Corelli Belwin
TR19 Sonate (1) Hindemith Schott
TR10 Stars in a Velvety Sky Clarke CFischer*
TR25 Suite Latham Presser
TR28 Willow Echoes Simon CF

French Horn

Solo # Title Composer Publisher
FH19 Adagio & Allegro Schumann GS/Peters
FH2 Andromeda Beethoven-Poole Belwin
FH10 Concert Rondo Mozart GS (4 Concertos)
FH23 Concerto Op. 11 (1 or 3) Strauss R. IMC or CB
FH7 Concerto for Horn (1 or 2 or 3) Gliere Int
FH11 Concerto No. 1 (1 ) Mozart GS (4Concertos)/Int/Sou
FH12 Concerto No. 2 (1 or 2 & 3) Mozart GS (4Concertos)/Int/Sou
FH21 Concerto No. 2 for Horn (1 or 3) Strauss R. BH
FH13 Concerto No. 3 (1 or 2 & 3) Mozart GS (4Concertos)/Int/Sou
FH14 Concerto No. 4 (1 or 2 & 3) Mozart GS (4Concertos)/Int/Sou
FH18 Morceau de Concert Saint-Saens IMC
FH8 Nocturne Op. 35 #10 Gliere MCA
FH17 Pavane Ravel-Jones GS (Solos/Horn Player)
FH6 Reverie Op. 24 Glazunov GS (Solos/Horn Player)
FH15 Rondo frm Quintet w. Strings Mozart GS (Solos/Horn Player)
FH1 Sonata Op. 17 (1 or 3) Beethoven Sim/CF/Int
FH4 Villanelle Dukas Int


Solo # Title Composer Publisher
TB1 Andante & Allegro Barat CF/SMC
TB24 Andante for Tuba (bass trb) Tcherepnin MP Belaieff
TB19 Cavatine Saint-Saens Durand
TB17 Concerto (I & II or II & III) Rimsky-Korsakov Belwin/Int
TB10 Concerto (I or III) Jacob Galaxy Music
TB22 Concerto for Bass Trombone Spillman Editions Musicus
TB5 Concertpiece #5 Blazhevich Belwin
TB26 Fantasies for Trombone 123678 ^ Telemann CFischer
TB7 Morceau Symphonique Guilmant Int
TB18 Piece Concertante Rosseau CFischer
TB4 Recitative & Prayer Berlioz Presser
TB20 Sonata (I & II or II & III) Sanders Warner
TB13 Sonata in A Minor #3 Marcello Kendor
TB14 Sonata in F Major Marcello Int
TB25 Sonata in F Minor (I & II or II & III) Telemann Int
TB21 Sonatina Serocki Moeck
TB16 Thoughts of Love Pryor CFischer


Solo # Title Composer Publisher
EU16 Baccarole & Chanson Bachique Semler-Collery Leduc
EU15 Blue Bells of Scotland Pryor Fischer
EU4 Bride of the Waves Clarke CFischer
EU5 Carnival of Venice Clarke CFischer
EU14 Concerto for Bassoon K 191 (I) Mozart SMC
EU10 Drei Leichte Stucke ('cello) Hindemith Schott
EU7 Elegie Faure-Marsteller SMC
EU11 Fantasia Jacob B & H
EU3 Fantasia de Concerto Boccalari CFischer
EU17 Fantasy for Trombone 1 2 3 4 7 8 ^ Telemann CFischer
EU2 Introduction & Dance Barat SMC
EU19 Lyric Suite (any 3) White Schirmer
EU18 Six Studies in English Folk Song (1236) Vaughan Williams/Droste Galaxy
EU8 Sonata (12 or 23) George Tuba Press
EU12 Sonata in C Major Marcello Int
EU20 Sonata in F Minor (I & II or II & III) Telemann Int
EU13 Sonata in G Minor Marcello Int
EU9 Suite Haddad Shawnee
EU6 Suite (any 3) DuBois Leduc
EU1 Suite for Solo Cello #2 in D (I)^ Bach-Marsteller SMC


Solo # Title Composer Publisher
TU1 Air & Bouree Bach-Bell CFischer
TU4 Concertino (I & II or II & III) Frackenpohl King
TU8 Concerto Lebedev EdM
TU5 Concerto for Tuba (I) Gregson Novello
TU12 Concerto for Tuba (I) Vaughan Williams Oxford
TU13 Concertpiece #1 Vaughn Fema Music
TU14 Convalescence Suite ^ Wilder Margun
TU3 His Majesty the Tuba Dowling Belwin
TU11 Introduction & Allegro Spiritoso Senaille-Catilenet Peters
TU9 Morceau Vivant Marteau Plymouth
TU2 Scene de Concert Denmark Ludwig
TU16 Sea Dreams (I &II or II & III) York B. Tuba-Euphonium Press
TU10 Sonatina (I) Sear Cor
TU15 Suite #1 Effie the Elephant (any 3) Wilder Margun
TU7 Suite for Tuba Haddad Shawnee
TU6 Tuba Rhapsody Grundman B & H

Idaho IMEA State Solo Woodwind List - 2015

The Solo List will not be changed for 2015

EDITOR'S NOTES: Instrumentalists (winds, strings, and percussion) may choose from either this list or the Texas UIL Prescribed Music List (PML), Grade 1. You can access the PML here. Remember, it must be a Grade 1 piece from a matching IMEA solo category. PLEASE check the lists for anyone wishing to enter the State Solo Contest and select only a piece from this lists. It is always a tragedy to have a student work so hard on a piece and then be disqualified because the lists weren't checked and their selection isn't on the lists. For questions or comments please contact Eva Hale.

To make suggestions for the revision of the list, please submit them using the List Revision Form (Word File).


Note: Editions listed are suggested, not required.


Solo # Title Composer Publisher
FL35 Airs de Ballet Saint Saens SMC
FL14 Allegretto & Idyll from Suite Op. 116 Godard MM Little Piper Chester
FL8 Concertino* Chaminade Int/GS/SMC
FL6 Concerto (1 or 3) Boccherini SMC
FL27 Concerto in D (1)* Mozart GS/Int/Baren
FL26 Concerto in G (1)* Mozart GS/Int/Baren
FL32 Concerto in G (1)* Quantz Int/SMC
FL12 Fantasie Faure SMC
FL21 Fantasie Hue MM Little Piper
FL37 Fantasies 1-12 (any one) Telemann Int
FL13 Fantasy Gaubert Int SMC
FL15 Poem* Griffes Schirmer
FL3 Sonata in C Major (all but Minuet) Bach J.S. GS/Int/SMC
FL4 Sonata in Eb Major (1 & 2 or 2 & 3) Bach J.S. GS/Int/SMC
FL20 Sonate (I & II or III) Hindemith Schott
FL19 Sonatina (1 & 2 or 2 & 3) Heiden AMP
FL34 Suite Antique (1 & 2) Rutter Oxford
FL38 Suite in a minor (1) Telemann Int SMC
FL5 Suite Modale* Bloch Broude Bros
FL9 Syrinx^ Debussy Jobert


Solo # Title Composer Publisher
OB28 Concerto (any mvt) Vaughan Williams Oxford
OB9 Concerto (any mvt) Haydn Breitkopf
OB5 Concerto (I & II or III & IV) Cimarosa B & H
OB15 Concerto in C (any mvt) Mozart Baren/BH
OB14 Concerto in C Minor/D Minor (any mvt) Marcello C Minor Int/D Minor Peters
OB3 Concerto in Eb Bellini SMC
OB7 Concerto in G Minor (2 contrst mvts) Handel SMC
OB4 Conte Pastorale Bozza Leduc
OB16 Oboe Quartet K.370 (any mvt) Mozart-Hodgson Pet
OB6 Pastorale (one movement piece) H Hanson C Fischer
OB17 Romance & Humoresque Nielsen SMC
OB22 Sonata (any mvt) Saint-Saens Durand
OB11 Sonata (either mvt) Hindemith Schott
OB19 Sonata (I or II) Poulenc Chester
OB25 Sonata in A Minor (I & II or III & IV) Telemann SMC/Billaudot
OB8 Sonata in C Minor ( I & II or III & IV) Handel Nova/SMC
OB13 Sonatina (I & II of III & IV) Jacob Oxford
OB12 Symphonie Concertante (1) Ibert Leduc
OB2 The Winter's Passed Barlow CFischer
OB1 Three Piece Suite, any movement M Dring Emerson
OB23 Three Romances (any one) Schumann GS/Peters
OB26 Twelve Fantasies (any one) ^ Telemann Baren 2971


Solo # Title Composer Publisher
BN14 Concerto in A Minor F. VIII #2 Vivaldi Int/Ricordi
BN15 Concerto in E Minor Vivaldi Int
BN16 Concerto in F Major ( I or III) Weber CF/Univ/Kal
BN7 Concerto K. 191(I or III) Mozart/Garfield Int
BN10 Concertpiece Phillips CFischer
BN11 Fantasia V or VIII Selma y Salaverde Schott
BN1 Premier Solo Bourdeau/Voxman Rubank
BN9 Rhapsody for Bassoon^ Osborne CF Peters
BN3 Romance ( w. piano) Elgar Novello
BN17 Romance No. 3 Weissenborn Int
BN6 Sonata Hindemith Schott
BN18 Sonata #1 for Bassoon & Piano Wilder Margun
BN2 Sonata (I & II or II & III) Cascarino B & H
BN4 Sonata (I & IV) Fasch McG/Marx
BN13 Sonata in F Minor (any 2) Telemann/Miller/Leppard Int/Ojeda
BN8 Sonata K 292 (II & III no rpts) Mozart/Waterhouse Chester
BN5 Sonatas IV-VI (any one) Galliard McG/Marx
BN12 Three Pieces (I & II or II & III) Stevens CF Peters


Solo # Title Composer Publisher
CL6 Adagio & Tarantella Cavallini Ricordi
CL35 Concertino Weber CF
CL36 Concerto #1 in F Minor (1 or 3) Weber CF
CL30 Concerto #3 in Bb (1 or 3) Stamitz Karl Schott
CL21 Concerto (1 or 3) Mozart CF/BH/Int/Baren/GS
CL29 Concerto in Bb (1 or 3) Stamitz Johann Peters/Int
CL18 Dance Preludes (2 contr mvts) Lutoslawski Chester
CL15 Fantasy Pieces (2 contr mvts) Gade Masters Music Pub
CL27 Fantasy Pieces op 73 (any two) Schumann GS (Mstrwks)/Peters/Rub/Int
CL14 Five Bagatelles (2 contr mvts) Finzi B & H
CL25 Introduction Theme & Variations Rossini Oxford
CL24 Solo de Concours Rabaud SMC*
CL20 Solo de Concours Messeger Masters
CL4 Sonata #1 in F Minor (1 or 2 or 3) Brahms GS (Mstrwks)/Int/BH/CF
CL5 Sonata #2 in Eb Major (1 or 2) Brahms GS (Mstrwks)/Int/BH/CF
CL23 Sonata (I) Poulenc Chester
CL26 Sonate (1, 2 or 4) Saint-Saens Masters
CL1 Sonatina for Clarinet & Piano (I or III) Arnold M. Lengnick

Bass Clarinet

Solo # Title Composer Publisher
BC8 Adagio & Allegro Galliard/Merriman SMC
BC13 Adagio Concerto No. 1 Spohr/Ayers Barnhouse
BC4 Andante & Allegro Desportes SMC
BC3 Ballade Bozza SMC
BC15 Concertino Weber/McCathern Kendor
BC11 Concerto K 191 (I or II & III) Mozart/Dahm Edition Musicus
BC2 Deep Wood Bennett CFischer
BC17 Etude Op. 25 No. 7 Chopin/Davis WIM
BC19 Fantasy Pieces (2 contr mvts) Gade Masters Music Pub
BC12 Intro & Allegro Spiritoso Senaille/DeSmet Fentone/Presser
BC1 Lamento Bassi/Voxman Rubank
BC20 Rhapsody for Clarinet Osborne Peters
BC16 Six Cello Suites (Prelude or 2 contr mvts) Bach/Davenport Alea
BC6 Six Sonatas for B. Clarinet (Vol. 1 #123-all) Galliard/Kreiselman McG/Marx
BC7 Six Sonatas for B. Clarinet (Vol. II #456-all) Galliard/Kreiselman McG/Marx
BC5 Sonata for Bass Clarinet (2 cntrst mvt) Fasch/Rascher McG/Marx
BC10 Sonata in A Minor Marcello SMC
BC18 Sonata in G Minor (1 & 2 or 1 & 4) Eccles/Goldberg Belwin
BC14 Sonata No. 6 (III & IV) Vivaldi/Ayers Barnhouse
BC9 Sonatina Hervig Rubank

Alto Saxophone

Solo # Title Composer Publisher
AS1 Andante & Allegro Bach/Mule Leduc
AS5 Aria Bozza Leduc
AS2 Bouree Bach/Mule Leduc
AS18 Concertino da Camera Ibert Leduc
AS7 Concerto Creston Schirmer*
AS12 Concerto (Beg to 22 modify to end) Glazunov Leduc*
AS20 Fantaisie Impromtu Jolivet A. Leduc
AS15 First Sonata Handel/Mule Leduc
AS3 Gavottes Bach/Mule Leduc
AS6 Improvisation et Caprice ^ Bozza Presser
AS29 Rhumba Whitney Bourne
AS24 Scaramouche (1 & 2 or 2 & 3) Milhaud Ricordi
AS4 Serenade Bencriscutto Shawnee
AS22 Sicilienne Lantier Leduc
AS14 Sonata #3 (1 & 3 or 1 & 4) Handel-Rascher Chappell
AS17 Sonata (any mvt) Heiden Schott
AS9 Sonata (I & 2 or 1 & 4) Eccles-Rascher Presser
AS25 Sonata for Alto Sax & Piano (1 & 2) Muczynski G Schirmer
AS8 Sonata Op. 19 (any mvt) Creston Shawnee
AS30 Suite Paul Bonneau Leduc
AS11 Suite (any 2 mvt) George SMC

Tenor Saxophone

Solo # Title Composer Publisher
TS7 Adagio & Allegro Handel-Voxman Rub/SMC(Gee ed.)
TS10 Ballet Impressions Ostransky Rubank
TS11 Canzonetta Pierne/Gee Southern Music
TS2 Concerto in G Minor (1) Bennett CF
TS15 Fantasia Villa-Lobos Peer/Southern Music
TS5 First Concertino Gilhaud-Voxman Rubank
TS3 Improvisation et Caprice ^ Bozza Presser
TS9 Rigaudon Lacome SMC T
TS13 Solo de Concert Singlee-Voxman Rubank
TS4 Sonata Galliard McG/Marx
TS14 Sonata Stein SMC T
TS1 Sonata #4 Bach-Gee SMC T
TS6 Sonata in F Major (1 & 2 or 3 & 4) Handel EM
TS16 Sonata in G Minor Vivaldi-Rascher McG/Marx
TS17 Tarantelle Walters Ludwig
TS8 Variations on a Sussex Folk Tune Horder Peters
TS12 Vocalise Op. 34 No. 14 Rachmaninoff/Martino Dorn

Baritone Saxophone

Solo # Title Composer Publisher
BX2 Aria Bozza Leduc
BX9 Fantasy Piece Schumann-Teal GS (Solos/AS Player)
BX3 Improvisation et Caprice ^ Bozza Presser
BX5 Invocation Donjon CF
BX10 Ritual & Celebration Spears SMC
BX7 Sarabande & Allegro Leclair-Teal TP (Program Solos for)
BX6 Serenade Bisque Hoffman Belwin
BX1 Suite No. 1 (Courante Menuet 1 & 2 Gigue) Bach EV
BX8 Undercurrent Long Rubank
BX4 Variations on a Theme of Robert Schumann Davis SMC

Idaho IMEA State Solo Percussion List - 2015

The Solo List will not be changed for 2015

EDITOR'S NOTES: Instrumentalists (winds, strings, and percussion) may choose from either this list or the Texas UIL Prescribed Music List (PML), Grade 1. You can access the PML here. Remember, it must be a Grade 1 piece from a matching IMEA solo category. PLEASE check the lists for anyone wishing to enter the State Solo Contest and select only a piece from this lists. It is always a tragedy to have a student work so hard on a piece and then be disqualified because the lists weren't checked and their selection isn't on the lists. For questions or comments please contact Eva Hale.

To make suggestions for the revision of the list, please submit them using the List Revision Form (Word File).


Note: Editions listed are suggested, not required.
^ = unaccompanied * = band or orchestra accompaniment avail.

Snare Drum

Solo # Title Composer Publisher
SD14 15 Diversions for Snare Drum (any 1) Parks Belwin
SD8 2040 Sortie or 524 Main Street Abel Ludwig
SD5 American Suite Gauthreaux Meredith
SD17 Championship Corps Style Solos (any 1) Wanamaker Alfred
SD6 Contemporary Album for Snare Drum (any 2) Leonard Ludwig
SD11 Contest Snare Drum Solos (any 2) Kastuck Matrix
SD10 Graduation Etude Goldenberg Chappell
SD12 Like a Big Dog Keown Matrix
SD20 Monster Baby Brett Jones HoneyRock
SD16 New Pratt Book (any 1) Pratt Per-Mus
SD15 Odd Meter Rudimental Etudes (any 1) Peters M. Peters
SD9 Portraits in Rhythm (any two contr) Cirone Warner Bros.
SD2 Six Unaccompanied Snare Drum Solos (any 3) Colgrass Lawson
SD3 Snare Drum Suite Fink Zimmerman
SD4 Sonata Fink Simrock
SD19 Stamina Markovich Creative
SD18 The All-American Drummer (any one from #121-150) Wilcoxon Ludwig
SD7 The Musical Snare Drummer (any 1) Keown Matrix
SD1 Three Dances (any 2) Benson Chappell
SD13 Tornado Markovich Creative

Keyboard Percussion/Marimba

#1-14 & 20-23 are for Marimba
#15-19 are for Vibes
Solo # Title Composer Publisher
KP20 Canon in D Pachelbel/Papador Matrix
KP9 Etudes Op.6 #8 #9 #10 (any one) Musser Studio 4
KP1 Frogs Abe Keiko Studio 4
KP6 Gitano Gomez Alice SMC
KP4 Monograph IV Gibson Studio 4
KP19 Music of the Day Molenhof Studio 4
KP8 My Lady White Maslanka Keyboard Perc Pub
KP5 Prayer Gibson Sutdio 4
KP16 Recital for Vibraharp Davis Barnhouse
KP14 Rhythm Song Smadbeck CMP
KP12 Sea Refractions Peters M. M. Peters
KP17 Solos for the Vibe Player (any 1) Finkel Schirmer
KP18 Song of the Libra Gaetano MFP
KP3 Suite for Marimba (any 2) Fissinger
KP15 Suite for Solo Vibes (any 2) Carey Inwood
KP24 Summer Treehouse Chad Floyd Tapspace Publications, LLC
KP22 The Summer Wind Wagoner Matrix
KP21 Theme & Variations Peyton Matrix
KP10 Tune for Mary O O'Meara Keyboard Perc Pub
KP23 Two Mexican Dances Stout Gordon Alfred
KP13 Waves Peters M. M. Peters
KP11 Yellow After the Rain Peters M Peters


Solo # Title Composer Publisher
TI6 3 Etudes for Five Timpani (any 2) Helble Studio 4
TI9 Air & Dance Peters G. David SMC
TI5 Eight Pieces for Four TImpani (any 1) Carter AMP
TI4 Four Pieces for Timpani (any 2) Bergamo MFP
TI8 Sonata (any 2) Jones Peters
TI7 Sonata for Timpani Holly Kendor
TI1 Sonata for Timpani (any 2) Beck Boston
TI3 Sonata for Timpani (any 2) Beck Boston
TI10 Sonatina Tcherepnin B & H
TI11 The Musical Tympanist (any 1) Peyton Matrix
TI2 Three Episodes (any 2) Beck Kendor

Drum Set

Solo # Title Composer Publisher
MP3 11 Solos for the Drum Set (any 1) Miranda MFP
MP1 Ain't It Rich Houllif Kendor
MP5 All Set Morey Kendor
MP2 Moods for Interaction Lincoln Alfred
MP6 Solo Studies for Drum Set Vol III (any 1) Rogers SMC
MP4 Suite for Unaccompanied Drum Set (any 2) Miranda AM Perc

Multiple Percussion

Solo # Title Composer Publisher
MP13 Concerto for Percussion Milhaud Universal
MP14 Die Zwitschermaschine Payson Creative
MP7 Episode for Solo Percussion Beck Studio 4
MP12 French Suite (any 2) Kraft Studio 4
MP11 Morris Dance Kraft WIM
MP9 Solos for the Percussion Player (any multi-perc solo) O'Reilly ed. G. Schirmer/Hal Leonard
MP10 Studies in Solo Percussion (any one or two) Goldenberg Chappell/Hal Leonard
MP8 The Sky is Waiting Cucinotta Lang

Idaho IMEA State Solo String List - 2015

The Solo List will not be changed for 2015

EDITOR'S NOTES: Instrumentalists (winds, strings, and percussion) may choose from either this list or the Texas UIL Prescribed Music List (PML), Grade 1. You can access the PML here. Remember, it must be a Grade 1 piece from a matching IMEA solo category. PLEASE check the lists for anyone wishing to enter the State Solo Contest and select only a piece from this lists. It is always a tragedy to have a student work so hard on a piece and then be disqualified because the lists weren't checked and their selection isn't on the lists. For questions or comments please contact Eva Hale.

To make suggestions for the revision of the list, please submit them using the List Revision Form (Word File).


Note: These are suggested publishers only; other editions may be used. In general, for Baroque sonatas choose two contrasting movements; for concertos, do one movement. Cuts may need to be made so the solo fits in the required time slot.


Solo # Title Composer Publisher
VN10 Bal Shem Suite: Vidui Nihun Simchas Torah Bloch CF
VN1 Concerto #1 in a or #2 in E (I or III) Bach Int
VN50 Concerto B Minor Op. 61 Saint-Saens Int
VN26 Concerto in C Major Haydn Pet
VN35 Concerto in E Minor Op. 64 Mendelssohn Pet
VN12 Concerto in G Minor Bruch Pet/Int
VN71 Concerto No. 2 in D Minor Wieniawski
VN64 Concerto No. 23 in G Major Viotti GS
VN39 Concerto No. 3 in G Major, K. 216 (I no cadenza) Mozart Int/GS
VN42 Concerto No. 4 in D Major Mozart Int/Sim
VN40 Concerto No. 5 in A Major Mozart Int/Scho
VN38 Czardas in G Minor (I & II) Monti/Czerwnky CF/Scholl
VN52 Havanaise Saint-Saens Int/CF
VN68 Legende Wieniawski GS/CF
VN30 Praeludium & Allegro Kreisler Fol
VN5 Roumanian Folk Dances Bartok B & H
VN25 Six Sonatas Handel Scho
VN34 Sonatas Leclair-Polnauer CF
VN31 Tambourin Chinois Kreisler Fol
VN55 Zigeunerweisen Sarasate GS/Sim/Pet


Solo # Title Composer Publisher
VA20 Apres un Reve Faure Int
VA3 Concerto Bartok Boosey Hawkes
VA24 Concerto (I or III) Handoshkin Int
VA50 Concerto (I) Walton Oxford
VA36 Concerto (I) Piston AMP
VA23 Concerto in B Minor (I) Handel-Casadesus Ed. Max Eschig
VA1 Concerto in C Minor (I) Bach J.C. EdSal
VA29 Concerto in D Hoffmeister Int
VA43 Concerto in D Major Op.1 (I or III) Stamitz GS/Int
VA51 Concerto in G Major (I or III) Cecil Forsyth Schott
VA44 Concerto in G Major (II or IV) Telemann Int
VA26 Der Schwanendreher (1st or last mvt) Hindemith Schott
VA15 Kol Nidre Bruch Int
VA8 Meditation & Processional Bloch GS
VA16 Romanze Op. 85 Bruch Schott
VA2 Six Cello Suites (trasncribed)(any 2 mvts) Bach J.S. Int
VA31 Six Nocturnes (any 1) Kalliwoda Int
VA12 Sonata #1 in F Minor (I) Brahms Int
VA39 Sonata in a (Arpeggione) (any one) Schubert Int
VA37 Speed Etude Porter AMP
VA45 Suite Group 1 2 or 3 (2 contrsting mvts) Vaughan Williams Oxford
VA10 Suite Herbraique (any one) Bloch GS


Solo # Title Composer Publisher
CE42 Apres un Reve Faure-Casals Int
CE71 Concerto in A Minor Saint-Saens Int
CE78 Concerto in A Minor Op 129 Schumann CF
CE37 Concerto in B Minor Dvorak Int
CE17 Concerto in Bb Major Boccherini Int
CE51 Concerto in C Major Haydn Int
CE60 Concerto in D Minor Lalo Int
CE57 Concerto No. 1 Kabelevsky Int
CE39 Concerto Op 85 Elgar Novello
CE40 Elegy Op. 24 Faure Int
CE65 Hungarian Rhapsody Popper Int
CE27 Kol Nidrei Bruch Int
CE47 Scherzo Op. 12 #2 Goens CF
CE72 Sonata (2 contrasting mvts) Sammartini Int
CE68 Sonata in C Major Op 119 Prokofieff Int/MCA
CE21 Sonata in E Minor Op. 38 Brahms Int
CE3 Suite 1-3 (any 2 mvts) Bach Int
CE4 Suites 5 6 (any 2 mvts) Bach Int
CE64 Tarantelle Op. 33 Popper Int
CE82 Variations on a Rococo Theme Tschaikovsky-Rose Int

Double Bass

Solo # Title Composer Publisher
DB16 Any solo from Solos for the Double Bass Player Zimmerman GS
DB5 Apres un Reve Faure Int
DB7 Chanson Triste Op. 2 Koussevitsky Int
DB4 Concerto in A Major Dragonetti Int
DB2 Concerto in B Minor Bottesini Int
DB3 Concerto in F Major Capuzzi/Baines B & H
DB17 Concerto No. 2 in D Dittersdorf Liben
DB8 Concerto Op. 3 Koussevitsky Int
DB10 Nocturne Sevitsky Int
DB6 Sonata Hindemith Sch
DB12 Sonata in A Minor Telemann Int
DB15 Sonata in A Minor Vivaldi Int
DB14 Sonata in Bb Major Vivaldi Int
DB11 Sonata in D Major Telemann Int
DB1 Sonata in D Major (Gamba Sonata #2) Bach J.S. Int
DB13 Sonata in D Minor Vivaldi Int
DB9 Valse Miniature Op. 1 #2 Koussevitsky Int

Idaho IMEA State Solo Vocal List - 2015

The Solo List will not be changed for 2015

EDITOR'S NOTES: There have been major changes to the lists. Vocalists must still choose from the IMEA State Solo Contest List, but the list has been expanded to include many more songs from the collections that are already being used. These songs have been categorized by a committee of college vocal professors and have been included on the list. PLEASE check the lists for anyone wishing to enter the State Solo Contest and select only a piece from this lists. It is always a tragedy to have a student work so hard on a piece and then be disqualified because the lists weren't checked and their selection isn't on the lists. For questions or comments please contact Eva Hale at statesolo at

To make suggestions for the revision of the list, please submit them using the List Revision Form (Word File).



Solo # Title Composer Publisher
SO28 A Farewell (Ich Schwebe) Strauss BH/Soprano
SO29 A Little China Figure, G Major Franco Leoni SS1/I
SO30 A Lullaby Harty BH/Soprano
SO27 A Pastoral Veracini SS2
SO31 A Spirit Flower Campbell-Tipton SS1/II
SO32 A Spring Morning Carey SS2
SO6 Alma Del Core, G Major Antonio Caldara 26 It./MH
SO33 Andenken Beethoven SS1/II
SO34 Animal Crackers Hageman SS1/II
SO35 At Last (so Willst Du Des Armen) Brahms BH/Soprano
SO36 Ave Maria Avt SS1/II
SO153 Batti, batti o bel Masetto/aria (Don Giovanni) Mozart, W.A. GS/AS
SO15 Bel Piacere, G Major George Frideric Handel SS1/I
SO37 Bescheidene Liebe Wolf SS2
SO38 Bonne Nuit, Bb Major Jules Massanet SS1/I
SO39 Care Selve (Come Beloved) Handel BH/Soprano
SO40 Caro Mio Ben, Eb Major Tommaso Giordani 26 It./MH
SO41 Charmant Papillon Campra SS1/II
SO42 Che Fiero Costume, A Minor Giovanni Legrenzi 26 It./MH
SO43 Come and Trip It Handel SS1/II
SO44 Come Raggio Di Sol, G Minor Antonio Caldara 26 It./MH
SO45 Come to the Fair Martin SS1/II
SO154 Come unto Him/Messiah (w/o He Shall Feed His Flock) Handel, G.F. GS/MS
SO46 Danza, Danza, Fanciulla Gentile/Solfeggio, B Minor Francesco Durante 26 It./MH
SO47 Das Verlassene Magdlein Wolf SS2
SO48 Die Nacht Strauss SS2
SO155 Domine Deus (Gloria) Vivaldi, A GS/OA
SO49 Down in the Forest Ronald SS2
SO50 Drift Down, Drift Down Ronald SS1/II
SO10 El Majo Discreto, A Major Enrique Granados SS1/I
SO12 Endless Pleasure, Endless Love Handel BH/Soprano
SO51 Et Tra La La Y El Punteado, A Major Enrique Granados SS1/I
SO52 Everywhere I Look, F Major Molly Carew SS1/I
SO53 Fiocca La Neve Cimara SS2
SO54 Gentle Shepherd (Se Tu M'ami) Pergolesi BH/Soprano
SO55 Gesu_ Bambino Yon SS1/II
SO56 Gia Il Sole Dal Gange, Ab Major Alessandro Scarlatti 26 It./MH
SO57 Grandma Chanier SS1/II
SO58 Gretchen At The Spinning Wheel (Gretchen Am Spinnrade) Schubert BH/Soprano
SO59 Hark!The Echoing Air Purcell SS2
SO60 Have You Seen But A White Lily Grow?, F Major Anonymous SS1/I
SO61 He Is Noble, He Is Patient (Er, Der Herrlichste Von Allen) Schumann BH/Soprano
SO62 Hear My Cry, O God, G Major Cesar Franck SS1/I
SO63 Hear My Prayer, O Lord Dvorak SS2
SO64 Heffle Cuckoo Fair, A Major Martin Shaw SS1/I
SO65 Here Amid the Shady Woods Handel SS1/II
SO20 How Calm Is My Spirit (Ridente La Calma) Mozart BH/Soprano
SO66 How Fair This Spot! (Tout Est Si Beau!) Rachmaninoff BH/Soprano
SO67 How Lovely Are Thy Dwellings Liddle SS1/II
SO68 I Have Twelve Oxen Ireland BH/Soprano
SO26 I Love All Graceful Things, Ab Major Eric H. thiman SS1/I
SO69 Ich liebe Dich Beethoven SS1/II
SO70 Into the Night, G Major Clara Edwards SS1/I
SO71 Intorno allidol mio Cesti SS1/II
SO25 La Pastorella Schubert SS1/II
SO73 La Zingara Donizetti SS2
SO74 Lachen und Weinen Schubert SS1/II
SO75 Le Violette, A Major Alessandro Scarlatti 26 It./MH
SO76 Les Cloches Debussy SS2
SO77 Let Me Wander Not Unseen Handel BH/Soprano
SO78 Let My Song Fill Your Heart, Db Major Ernest Charles SS1/I
SO79 Let Us Dance, Let Us Sing, G Major Henry Purcell SS1/I
SO80 Lied Der Mignon, G Minor Franz Schubert SS1/I
SO72 Lheure exquise Hahn SS1/II
SO81 Little Elegy, D Minor John Duke SS1/I
SO82 Lone And Joyless (Infelice) Mendelssohn BH/Soprano
SO83 Love Has Eyes, Bb Major Sir Henry Bishop SS1/I
SO84 Love's Philosophy Quilter SS2
SO85 Lullaby (Wiegenlied) Brahms BH/Soprano
SO86 Lullaby, F Major Cyril Scott SS1/I
SO87 Mein Glaubiges Herze (My Heart Ever Faithful) Bach SS2
SO88 Minnelied, A Major Felix Mendelssohn SS1/I
SO89 My Heart is Like a Singing Bird Parry SS2
SO11 My Johann, E Minor Edvard Grieg SS1/I
SO90 Night Is Falling, F Major Franz Joseph Haydn SS1/I
SO91 No Flower that Blows Linley SS1/II
SO92 Non Posso Disperar, F Minor Giovanni Battista Bononcini 26 It./MH
SO93 O Cessate Di Piagarmi, G Minor Alessandro Scarlatti 26 It./MH
SO94 O Del Mio Dolce Ardor, F Minor Christoph Wilibald Von Gluck 26 It./MH
SO95 O Divine Redeemer Gounod SS2
SO156 O mio babbino caro/aria (Gianni Schicchi) Puccini, G. GS/AS
SO96 O Peace, Thou Fairest Child Of Heaven, G Minor Thomas Arne SS1/I
SO97 O Saviour, Hear Me! Gluck SS1/II
SO98 O, Bid Your Faithful Ariel Fly Linley BH/Soprano
SO100 Oh! Had I Jubals's Lyre Handel SS2
SO99 Oh, What A Beautiful City!, Bb Major Edward Boatner SS1/I
SO101 Omnipotence (Die Allmacht) Schubert BH/Soprano
SO102 Orpheus with His Lute Schuman SS1/II
SO103 Per non penar d'Astorga SS1/II
SO104 Petit Noe_l Louis SS1/II
SO105 Piercing Eyes, G Major Franz Joseph Haydn SS1/I
SO17 Pur Dicesti, O Bocca Bella, E Major Antonio Lotti 26 It./MH
SO7 Quella barbara catena Ciampi SS1/II
SO106 Quella Fiamma, A Minor Benedetto Marcello 26 It./MH
SO107 Romance Debussy SS1/II
SO108 Rose Softly Blooming, A Major Louis Spohr SS1/I
SO24 Se Florinda E Fedele, Bb Major Alessandro Scarlatti 26 It./MH
SO109 Se Tu M'ami, G Minor Alessandro Parisotti 26 It./MH
SO110 Sebben, Crudele, E Minor Antonio Caldara 26 It./MH
SO111 Seligkeit Schubert SS1/II
SO112 Sento Nel Core, E Minor Alessandro Scarlatti 26 It./MH
SO5 Shepherd! Thy Demeanour Vary Brown/Wilson SS2
SO113 Should He Upbraid Bishop BH/Soprano
SO114 Si Mes Vers Avaient Des Ailes, E Major Reynaldo Hahn SS1/I
SO115 Sleep, Gentle Cherub, Sleep Descend Arne SS2
SO116 So Sweet Is Thy Discourse Campian BH/Soprano
SO117 Solveig's Song Grieg BH/Soprano & SS1/II
SO23 Song of the Blackbird Quilter SS2
SO118 Spring Henscel BH/Soprano
SO119 Star Vicino, G Major Unknown 26 It./MH
SO120 Suleika's Song (Lied Der Suleika) Schumann BH/Soprano
SO121 Take, O Take Those Lips Away Beach SS2
SO122 The Beatitudes, G Major Albert Hay Malotte SS1/I
SO123 The Chestnut (Der Nussbaum) Schumann BH/Soprano
SO124 The Crucifixion, A Minor Samuel Barber SS1/I
SO125 The Crying of Water Campbell-Tipton SS1/II
SO126 The Green Dog, Eb Major Herbert Kingsley SS1/I
SO127 The K'e, A Minor Celius Dougherty SS1/I
SO128 The Last Rose of Summer Miliken SS1/II
SO129 The Loreley (Die Lorelei) Liszt BH/Soprano
SO16 The Mermaid's Song, C Major Franz Joseph Haydn SS1/I
SO130 The Novice (Die Junge Nonne) Schubert BH/Soprano
SO131 The Prayer Perfect Speaks SS1/II
SO132 The Singer Head BH/Soprano
SO133 The Sun Shall Be No More Thy Light Greene SS2
SO134 The Sun Whose Rays Sullivan SS2
SO135 These Are They Which Came Gaul SS2
SO136 To a Wild Rose MacDowell SS1/II
SO137 To The Birds (A Des Oiseaux) Hue SS2
SO138 Tu Lo Sai, E Major Giuseppe Torelli 26 It./MH
SO139 Un Moto Di Gioja Mozart SS2
SO140 Vain Suit, The (Vergebliches Standchen) Brahms BH/Soprano
SO4 Vergebliches Standchen Brahms SS2
SO9 Vergin, Tutt'amor/Solfeggio, D Minor Francesco Durante 26 It./MH
SO141 Vielle Chanson Bizet SS2
SO142 Villanelle (I Saw The Swift Swallow Flying) Dell'Acqua SS2
SO143 Vittoria, Mio Core!, D Major Giacomo Carissimi 26 It./MH
SO144 Waldensamkeit, G Major Max Reger SS1/I
SO145 Water Parted From The Sea, F Major Thomas Arne SS1/I
SO146 When Daises Pied Arne SS1/II
SO147 When I Have Sung My Songs, F Major Ernest Charles SS1/I
SO148 When I Was Seventeen Swedish Folksong SS1/II
SO150 Where The Bee Sucks Sullivan BH/Soprano
SO149 Where The Bee Sucks Arne BH/Soprano
SO151 Why Do I Love? Gibbs BH/Soprano
SO152 Without Thee! (Ce Que Je Sus Sans Toi) Gounod BH/Soprano

Mezzo Soprano

Solo # Title Composer Publisher
MS22 A Legend Tchaikovsky MA1/II
MS5 Ah! Mio Cor (Ah! My Heart) Handel MA1/II
MS23 Alma Del Core, D Major Antonio Caldara 26 It./ML
MS24 Alone In The Forest (Waldseligkeit) Strauss BH/Mezzo
MS25 Amarilli, Mia Bella, E Minor Giulio Caccini 26 It./ML
MS26 American Lullaby Rich MA1/I
MS27 An Die Musik Schubert MA2
MS28 An Die Nachtigal Brahms MA2
MS29 Angels, Ever Bright And Fair Handel BH/Mezzo
MS30 As I Went A-Roaming Brahe MA1/II
MS31 Au bord de l'eau Faure MA2
MS32 Ave Verum (Jesu, Word of God Incarnate) Mozart MA1/II
MS33 C'est Mon Ami (My Friend) French Air/Crist MA1/II
MS34 Carmea Wilson MA1/II
MS35 Cherry Tree Gibbs MA1/I
MS13 Chi Vuol La Zingarella Paisiello MA1/I
MS36 Cloud Shadows Rogers MA1/I
MS37 Come Ye Blessed Gaul MA1/II
MS38 Cradle Song (Wiegenlied) Schubert BH/Mezzo
MS9 Das Erste Veilchen (The First Violet) Mendelssohn MA1/II
MS39 Deep In My Heart Bishop/Arr. Rowley BH/Mezzo
MS40 Der Blumenstrauss Mendelssohn MA1/I
MS20 Die Bekehrte Stange MA1/I
MS41 Die Stille (Silence) Schumann MA1/II
MS42 Dream Valley Quilter BH/Mezzo
MS6 Dryads, Sylvans (From 'Time And Truth') Handel BH/Mezzo
MS19 Du Bist die ruh Schubert MA2
MS43 Es Muss Ein Wunderbares Sein (It Must Be Wonderful Liszt MA1/II
MS44 Evensong Lehmann MA1/I
MS45 Girls' Song Howells BH/Mezzo
MS46 Go 'Way from My Window Niles MA1/I
MS18 Gott Im Frhling (God in Springtime) Schubert MA1/II
MS47 Great Peace Have They Rogers MA2
MS48 Here Amid The Shady Woods Handel BH/Mezzo
MS49 Hush the Song of the Nightengale Gretchaninoff MA2
MS50 I Attempt From Love's Sickness To Fly Purcell BH/Mezzo
MS51 Ici Bas! Faure MA1/I
MS52 Im Herbst Franz MA2
MS53 In A Strange Land (In Der Fremde) Taubert BH/Mezzo
MS54 Keine Sorg'um Den Weg (Love Finds Out The Way) Raff MA1/II
MS55 Kind Fortune Smiles Purcell MA2
MS56 Know'st Thou The Land (Kennst Du Das Land) Beethoven BH/Mezzo
MS16 Le Violette, F Major Alessandro Scarlatti 26 It./ML
MS57 Les Berceaux Faure MA2
MS58 Let Me Linger Near Thee (Star Vicino) Rosa BH/Mezzo
MS59 Love I Have Won You Ronald MA2
MS60 Loveliest of Trees Duke MA1/I
MS61 Melmillo Carey BH/Mezzo
MS62 Morning Speaks MA1/I
MS63 My Mother Bids Me Bind My Hair Haydn BH/Mezzo
MS64 Nina, D Minor Anonymous 26 It./ML
MS102 Non so piu/aria (Le nozze di Figaro) Mozart, W.A. GS/AMS
MS65 Now The Dancing Sunbeams Play (The Mermaid's Song) Haydn BH/Mezzo
MS14 Nymphs And Shepherds Purcell BH/Mezzo
MS66 O Cessate Di Piagarmi, E Major Allesandro Scarlatti 26 It./ML
MS67 Orpheus With His Lute Sullivan BH/Mezzo
MS68 Orpheus with His Lute Sullivan MA2
MS69 Parting (Muss Es Eine Trennung) Brahms BH/Mezzo
MS70 Pastorale Bizet MA2
MS71 Peace (Du Bist Die Ruh') Schubert BH/Mezzo
MS72 Per La Gloria D'adorarvi, D Major Biovanni Battista Bononcini 26 It./ML
MS8 Preguntale a las Estrellas Kilenyi MA1/I
MS73 Pur Dicesti, O Bocca Bella, C Major Antonio Lotti 26 It./ML
MS74 Se Florinda E Fedele, F Major Alessandro Scarlatti 26 It./ML
MS75 Se I Miei Sospiri, A Minor F. J. Fetis 26 It./ML
MS17 Sento Nel Core, D Minor Alessandro Scarlatti 26 It./ML
MS76 Serenade (Sing, Smile, Slumber) Gounod MA1/II
MS77 Silent Noon Ralph Vaughan Williams MA1/I
MS78 Slumber Song (Dors, Mon Enfant) Wagner BH/Mezzo
MS79 Somebody (Jemand) Schumann BH/Mezzo
MS15 Spring is at the Door Quilter MA1/II
MS80 Spring's Secret (Der Fruhling) Brahms BH/Mezzo
MS81 Te Deum (Vouchsafe,O Lord) Handel MA1/II
MS82 Te Souviens tu Godard MA2
MS83 The Blacksmith (Der Schmied) Brahms BH/Mezzo
MS84 The Bride's Song (Lied Der Braut) Schumann BH/Mezzo
MS85 The Carol of the Birds Niles MA1/II
MS86 The Jolly Jolly Breeze Eccles MA2
MS87 The Lord Is My Shepherd Tchaikovsky MA1/I
MS3 The Sleep that Flits on Baby's Eyes Carpenter MA1/II
MS88 The Undiscovered Country (L'ile Inconnue) Berlioz BH/Mezzo
MS89 The Violet (Das Veilchen) Mozart BH/Mezzo
MS90 The Wild Rose (Heiden Roslein) Schubert BH/Mezzo
MS91 To the Children Rachmaninoff MA2
MS92 To The Children (Aux Enfants) Rachmaninoff BH/Mezzo
MS93 Tu Lo Sai, C Major Giuseppe Torelli 26 It./ML
MS21 Un Certo non so che Vivaldi MA2
MS94 Verborgenheit Wolf MA2
MS103 Voi, che sapete/aria (Le nozze di Figaro) Mozart, W.A. GS/AMS
MS95 We Sing to Him Purcell MA2
MS96 When Daisies Pied Arne BH/Mezzo
MS97 When I Have Often Heard Young Maidens Complaining Purcell MA1/II
MS98 Who Ever Thinks Or Hopes Of Love Dowland BH/Mezzo
MS99 Wie Melodien Brahms MA1/I
MS100 Wind of the Western Sea Peel MA1/I
MS101 Wind Of The Wheat Phillips MA1/II


Solo # Title Composer Publisher
AL23 A Lullaby Harty MA2
AL13 Adieu (Addio) Mozart BH/Contralto
AL24 As A Sunbeam At Morn (Come Raggio Di Sol) Caldara BH/Contralto
AL25 Auf Dem Meere (On The Ocean) Franz MA1/II
AL4 Author Of All My Joys (O Del Mio Dolce Ardor) Gluck BH/Contralto
AL26 Beneath A Weeping Willow's Shade Hopkinson MA1/II
AL27 Bist du bei mir (You are with me) Bach MA1/II
AL11 Che Fiero Costume, E Minor Giovanni Legrenzi 26 It./ML
AL28 Christopher Robin Fraser-Simson MA1/I
AL29 Clouds Charles MA1/II
AL30 Con Rauco Mormorio Handel MA2
AL31 Crabbed Age and Youth White MA1/I
AL32 Cradle Song (Bei Der Wiege) Mendelssohn BH/Contralto
AL33 Crepuscule (Twilight) Massenet MA1/II
AL34 Crucifixion (Payne Payne MA1/I
AL35 Danny Boy Old Irish Air MA1/II
AL36 Dearest Consort (Cara Sposa) Handel BH/Contralto
AL37 Death And The Maiden (Der Tod Und Das Madchen) Schubert BH/Contralto
AL38 Der Schwur Helmund MA1/I
AL39 Dewy Violets (La Violette) A. Scarlatti BH/Contralto
AL40 Die Stille Wasserrose (The Silent Waterlily) Fielitz MA1/II
AL41 Dream Valley Quilter MA1/II
AL42 El Majo Timido Granados MA1/I
AL43 Elegie Massanet MA1/II
AL44 Eye Hath Not Seen Gaul MA2
AL10 Hark! What I Tell To Thee Haydn BH/Contralto
AL94 He Shall Feed His Flock (w/o Come Unto Him) Handel, G.F. GS/MS
AL45 Heard Ye His Voice Rbenstein MA2
AL46 How Changed The Vision Handel BH/Contralto
AL47 How Few The Joys Rachmaninoff BH/Contralto
AL48 I Sought The Lord Stevenson MA2
AL49 Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley Myers MA1/I
AL50 L'Anneau D'Argent Chaminade MA1/I
AL51 Like Any Foolish Moth I Fly (Qual Farfalleta Amante) D. Scarlatti BH/Contralto
AL52 Lilacs Rachmaninoff MA2
AL53 Litany (Litanei) Schubert BH/Contralto
AL54 Little Buttercup Sullivan MA2
AL55 Love Triumphant (Von Ewiger Liebe) Brahms BH/Contralto
AL56 Mignon's Song (Mignon's Lied) Liszt BH/Contralto
AL57 My Soul Is Dark (Mein Herz Ist Schwer) Schumann BH/Contralto
AL58 Mystery's Song Purcell MA1/II
AL59 Nay Though My Heart Should Break (Nur Wer Die Sehnsucht Kennt) Tschaikowsky BH/Contralto
AL60 Night In May, A (Die Mainacht) Brahms BH/Contralto
AL61 Nymphs and Shepherds Purcell MA1/II
AL62 O Can Ye Sew Cushions Bitten BH/Contralto
AL63 O Rest in the Lord Mendelssohn MA1/I
AL64 O, My Deir Hert (Cradle Song) Howells BH/Contralto
AL65 Oft Have I Sighed Campian BH/Contralto
AL66 Oh Sleep; Why Dost Thou Leave Me? Handel MA1/I
AL67 Open Our Eyes Macfarlane MA1/I
AL68 Patiently Have I Waited Saint Sans MA2
AL69 Pleasures Gentle Zephyrs Handel MA2
AL70 Praise Of God, The (Die Ehre Gottes Aus Der Natur) Beethoven BH/Contralto
AL71 Prayer Guion MA1/I
AL72 Rend'il Sereno al Ciglio (Bring To Your Eyes) Handel MA1/II
AL73 Sapphic Ode (Sapphische Ode) Brahms BH/Contralto
AL74 Se Tu M'ami, E Minor Alessandro Parisotti 26 It./ML
AL75 Sea Wrack Harty BH/Contralto
AL1 Sebben, Crudele, C Minor Antonio Caldara 26 It./ML
AL76 Separazione (Parting) Sgambati MA1/II
AL77 Serenade (Quand Tu Chantes) Gounod BH/Contralto
AL78 Silver'd Is the Ravens Hair Sullivan MA2
AL79 Slumber Song (Maria Wiegenlied) Reger MA1/II
AL8 Smiling Hours, The Handel MA2
AL80 Star Vicino, Eb Major Anonymous 26 It./ML
AL81 The Blue-Bell MacDowell MA1/II
AL9 The Enchantress Hatton BH/Contralto
AL82 The Lamb Chanier MA1/I
AL83 The Lass from the Low Countree Niles MA1/I
AL84 The Lovely Song My Heart Is Singing Goulding MA1/II
AL85 The Sky Above the Roof Ralph Vaughan Williams MA1/I
AL86 The Statue at Czarskoe-Selo Cui MA1/I
AL87 The Willow Song Sullivan MA1/II
AL88 This Little Rose Roy MA1/I
AL6 Thou Shalt Bring Them In Handel MA2
AL19 To Music (An Die Musik) Schubert BH/Contralto
AL15 Turn Then Thine Eyes Purcell MA1/I
AL89 Vaaran Grieg MA2
AL90 Verdant Meadows (Verdi Prati) Handel BH/Contralto
AL91 Vergin, Tutt'amor/ Solfeggio, A Minor Francesco Durante 26 It./ML
AL92 Volksliedchen Shumann MA1/I
AL5 Weep No More Handel MA1/II
AL2 Where Corals Lie Elgar MA2 & BH/Contralto
AL93 Willow Song, The Sullivan BH/Contralto
AL12 With A Swanlike Beauty Gliding (Quando Miro Quel Bel Ciglio) Mozart BH/Contralto


Solo # Title Composer Publisher
TE22 A Kingdom By The Sea Arthur Somervell T1/II
TE23 A Winter Dedication (Winterweihe) Strauss BH/Tenor
TE24 Adelaide Beethoven BH/Tenor
TE25 Adieu Gabriel Faure T1/II
TE26 All Day on the Prairie Guion T1/I
TE27 All Through The Night Old Welsh Air T1/I
TE28 Alleluia! 17th Century T2
TE29 Alma Del Core, G Major Antonio Caldara 26 It./MH
TE4 Amarilli, Mia Bella, G Minor Giulio Caccini 26 It./MH & BH/Tenor
TE30 An Die Geliebte (To the Beloved) Ludwig van Beethoven T1/II
TE21 As Ever I Saw Warlock BH/Tenor
TE31 At the Ball Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky T1/I
TE32 Autumn Evening Roger Quilter T2
TE15 Ave Maria (Father in Heaven) Camillet Saint-Saens T1/II
TE33 Be Thou Faithful Unto Death Felix Mendelssohn T2
TE34 Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair John Jacob Niles T1/I
TE35 Bonjour, Suzon! (Good-Morning, Sue!) Leo Delibes T1/II
TE36 Brother Will, Brother John Sacco T1/I
TE37 By Mendip Side Dan Coates T1/I
TE38 Caro Mio Ben, Eb Major Tommaso Giordani 26 It./MH
TE39 Che Fiero Costumei, A Minor Giovanni Legrenzi 26 It./MH
TE40 Christkind Peter Cornelius T2
TE41 Come Again, Sweet Love John Dowland T1/I
TE42 Come Raggio Di Sol, G Minor Antonio Caldara 26 It./MH
TE43 Danza, Danza, Fanciulla Gentile/Solfeggio, B Minor Francesco Durante 26 It./MH
TE18 Das Fischerm_dchen Franz Schubert T1/II
TE44 Dein Angesicht Robert Schumann T2
TE45 Der Gang Zum Liebchen Johannes Brahms T2
TE46 Der Mond Felix Bartholdy Mendelssohn T1/I
TE17 Der Neugierige Franz Schubert T1/I
TE47 Die Forelle Franz Schubert T2
TE48 Down by the Sally Gardens Hughes T1/II
TE49 Dream-Land Ralph Vaughan Williams T2
TE50 Du Bist Wie Eine Blume (Thou'rt Like Unto A Flower) Robert Schumann T1/II
TE51 E'en As A Lovely Flower Bridge BH/Tenor
TE52 Ein Jngling Liebt ein m_dchen Schumann T1/I
TE53 El Trobador (The Troubador) Kilenyi T1/II
TE150 Ev'ry valley (Messiah) Handel, G.F. GS/MS
TE54 Every Day is Ladies' Day With Me Herbert T1/II
TE55 Fair House Of Joy Roger Quilter T2
TE56 Fame's an Echo Thomas Augustine Arne T1/II
TE57 Forget Me Not Johann Sebastian Bach T1/II
TE58 Free From His Fetters Grim Arthur Sullivan T2
TE59 From Far, From Eve And Morning (From 'On Wenlock Edge') Vaughan Williams BH/Tenor
TE60 Fruhlingstraum Franz Schubert T2
TE61 Gia Il Sole Dal Gange, Ab Major Alessandro Scarlatti 26 It./MH
TE13 Go, Lovely Rose Roger Quilter T1/I
TE62 He That Keepeth Israel Scholsser T1/I
TE11 I Attempt from Love's Sickness Henry Purcell T1/I
TE63 I Love and I Must Henry Purcell T1/I
TE12 I'll Sail Upon The Dog Star Henry Purcell T2 & BH/Tenor
TE64 In der Fremde (In a Foreign Land) Robert Schumann T1/II
TE65 Incline Thine Ear Charles T1/II
TE66 Is It Bliss, Or Is It Sorrow (Sind Es Schmerzen, Sind Es Freuden) Brahms BH/Tenor
TE67 Is She Not Passing Fair? Elgar BH/Tenor
TE5 It Was A Lover And His Lass Dan Coates T1/II
TE68 Jesu, The Very Thought of Thee Wesley T1/I
TE69 La Sena Hague T1/I
TE70 Le Soir Ambroise Thomas T2
TE71 Linden Lea Vaughan Williams T1/II
TE72 Loch Lomond Arr. Carl Deis T1/I
TE73 Long Ago Edward MacDowell T2
TE74 Love Quickly Is Pall'd Henry Purcell T1/II
TE75 Love Song (Minnelied) Brahms BH/Tenor
TE76 Lydia Gabriel Faure T1/I
TE77 May Song Ludwig van Beethoven T1/I
TE78 Mit Einem Gemalten Band Ludwig van Beethoven T2
TE79 Moonlight (Mondnacht) Schumann BH/Tenor
TE80 My Lady Walks in Loveliness Charles T1/I
TE14 My Life's Delight Roger Quilter T2
TE81 My Lord, What A Morning Johnson T1/I
TE82 My Lovely Celia Monro T1/II
TE83 Nature Beyond Art Thomas Arne T2
TE84 Night Is Mournful (L'ombre Est Triste) Rachmaninoff BH/Tenor
TE85 Nina, F Minor Unknown 26 It./MH
TE86 Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen Arr. Harry Burleigh T1/II
TE87 Noche Serena Hague T1/I
TE3 Non Posso Disperar, F Minor Giovanni Battista Bononcini 26 It./MH
TE88 Now Sleeps The Crimson Petal Quilter BH/Tenor
TE89 O Cessate Di Piagarmi, G Minor Alessandro Scarlatti 26 It./MH
TE1 O Come, O Come, My Dearest Thomas Augustine Arne T1/II
TE6 O Del Mio Amato Ben Donaudy T1/II
TE90 O Del Mio Dolce Ardor, F Minor Christoph Wilibald Von Gluck 26 It./MH
TE91 O Mistress Mine Walthew T1/I
TE92 O Thou Billowy Harvest-Field! Sergei Rachmaninoff T2
TE93 Ol'Jim Edwards T1/I
TE94 On Richmond Hill There Lives a Lass James Hook T1/II
TE95 On Wings Of Song (Auf Flugeln Des Gesanges) Mendelssohn BH/Tenor
TE96 Orpheus With His Lute Dan Coates T1/I
TE97 Orpheus With His Lute Ralph Vaughan Williams T2
TE98 Ouvre Tes Yeux Bleus Jules Massanet T2
TE99 Panis Angelicus (O Lord Most Holy) Cesar Auguste Franck T1/II
TE100 Per La Gloria D'adorarvi, F Major Giovanni Battista Bononcini 26 It./MH
TE101 Phillis Has Such Charming Graces Young T1/II
TE102 Polly Willis Thomas Arne T2
TE103 Quella Fiamma, A Minor Benedetto Marcello 26 It./MH
TE104 Reign Here A Queen Within The Heart (Wie Bist Du, Meine Konigen) Brahms BH/Tenor
TE105 Religion Is a Fortune Johnson T1/I
TE106 Rest, Sweet Nymphs Pilkington BH/Tenor
TE107 Rio Grande Dougherty T1/I
TE108 Rose Cherie, Aimable Fleur Andre-Ernest-Modeste Grecy T2
TE109 Russian Picnic Enders T1/II
TE110 Se I Miei Sospiri, C Minor Francois Joseph Fetis 26 It./MH
TE111 Sea Fever John Ireland T1/II
TE112 Sento Nel Core Alessandro Scarlatti T1/I
TE113 Sigh No More, Ladies Stevens BH/Tenor
TE114 Silent Worship George Frideric Handel T1/I
TE16 Sleep Gurney BH/Tenor
TE115 Sonntag (Sunday) Johannes Brahms T1/II
TE7 Spirate Pur, Spirate Stephano Donaudy T2
TE116 Star Vicino, G Major Unknown 26 It./MH
TE117 Stille Sicherheit (Hark! How Still) Franz T1/II
TE19 St_ndchen Schubert T1/I
TE118 The Birthday of a King William Harold Neidlinger T1/II
TE119 The Black Dress John Jacob Niles T1/I
TE120 The Brooklet Loder BH/Tenor
TE121 The Call Ralph Vaughan Williams T2
TE122 The Cloths Of Heaven Dunhill T1/II
TE123 The Daisies Barber T1/I
TE124 The Green Hills O'Somerset Eric Coates T2
TE125 The Knotting Song Purcell BH/Tenor
TE126 The Lord Is My Light Oley Speaks T1/I
TE127 The Lord Is My Shepherd Samuel Liddle T2
TE128 The Plague Of Love Thomas Arne T2
TE129 The Secret (Geheimes) Schubert BH/Tenor
TE130 Thou'rt Like A Lovely Flower (Du Bist Wie Eine Blume) Schumann BH/Tenor
TE131 To Mary White BH/Tenor
TE132 Total Eclipse! No Sun,No Moon George Frideric Handel T2
TE151 Tu Lo Sai, E Major Giuseppe Torelli 26 It./MH
TE133 Turn Thee To Me Antonin Dvorak T2
TE134 Twas April Tschaikovsky BH/Tenor
TE135 Un Doux Lien (Tender Ties) Delbruck T1/II
TE2 Under The Greenwood Tree Arne BH/Tenor
TE136 Vaghissima Sembianza Stephano Donaudy T2
TE137 Vergin, Tutt'amor/Solfeggio, D Minor Francesco Durante 26 It./MH
TE138 Vittoria, Mio Core!, D Major Giacomo Carissimi 26 It./MH
TE139 Wanderers Nachtlied (Wanderer's Night Song) Franz Schubert T1/II
TE140 Wayfaring Stranger John Jacob Niles T1/I
TE141 Weep You No More Roger Quilter T1/II
TE142 What Shall I Do to Show How Much I Love Her? Henry Purcell T1/I
TE143 What Songs Were Sung John Jacob Niles T1/II
TE144 When First My Old, Old Love I Knew Arthur Sullivan T2
TE9 Where E'er You Walk George Frideric Handel T1/II & BH/Tenor
TE145 Whither (Wohin) Schubert BH/Tenor
TE146 Whither Must I Wander? Ralph Vaughan Williams T2
TE147 Who Is Sylvia (An Silvia) Schubert BH/Tenor
TE148 Who Is Sylvia? Dan Coates T1/II
TE10 Would You Gain The Tender Creature Handel BH/Tenor
TE149 Ye Verdant Hills Handel BH/Tenor


Solo # Title Composer Publisher
BR23 Across The Western Ocean, D Major Celius Dougherty BB1/I
BR24 Annie Laurie Lady John Scott BB2
BR25 Arise, Ye Subterranean Winds Henry Purcell BB2
BR6 Arm, Arm, Ye Brave George Frideric Handel BB2
BR26 Birds In The High Hall-garden Somervell BH/Baritone
BR27 Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind Thomas Augustine Arne BB1/II
BR13 Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind, C Minor Roger Quilter BB1/I
BR28 Bright Is The Ring Of Words Vaughan Williams BB1/II
BR29 Build Thee More Stately Mansions Andrews BB1/II
BR30 Caro Mio Ben, C Major Tommaso Giordani 26 It./ML
BR31 Cease, Oh Maiden (O Cessate) A. Scarlatti BH/Baritone
BR32 Child Of The Flowing Tide Martin Shaw BB2
BR33 Come Again Sweet Love Dowland BH/Baritone
BR34 Come Raggio Di Sol, D Minor Antonio Caldara 26 It./ML
BR35 Come, Ye Blessed Scott BB2
BR36 Danza, Danza Fanciulla/ Solfeggio, Bb Major Francesco Durante 26 It./ML
BR105 Deh vieni alla finestra/aria (Don Giovanni) Mozart, W.A. GS/ABR
BR37 Der Lindenbaum Franz Schubert BB2
BR38 Die Hirten Peter Cornelius BB2
BR39 Die Konige (The Kings) Cornelius BB1/II
BR16 Die Post Franz Schubert BB2
BR40 Don Juan's Serenade Tschaikowsky BH/Baritone
BR41 Down Harley Street Kingsford BB1/II
BR106 Ein Madchen oder Weibchen/aria (Die Zauberflote) Mozart, W.A. GS/ABR
BR42 Encantadora Maria, E Minor Edward Kilenyi BB1/I
BR43 Garland, The (Die Kranze) Brahms BH/Baritone
BR44 Gefror'ne Thranen Franz Schubert BB2
BR45 Gia Il Sole Sal Gange, Eb Major Alessandro Scarlatti 26 It./ML
BR46 How Art Thou Fall'n Handel BH/Baritone
BR47 I Will Sing New Songs Antonin Dvorak BB2
BR48 I Wonder As I Wander John Jacob Niles BB1/II
BR49 If Doughty Deeds My Lady Please Sullivan BH/Baritone
BR50 In Einem Kuhlen Grunde (Mill Of The Valley) German Folksong BB1/II
BR51 Intermezzo (Thine Image Pure), F Major Robert Schumann BB1/I
BR52 Jagdlied (Hunting Song), E Major Felix Bartholdy Mendelssohn BB1/I
BR53 Jesus, Fount Of Consolation Johann Sebastian Bach BB1/II
BR54 King Charles White BH/Baritone
BR55 L'amour De Moi (Love Of My Heart) 15th Century BB1/II
BR56 La Paloma Blanca (The White Dove), F Major Edward Kilenyi BB1/I
BR57 Le Miroir (The Mirror) Ferrari BB1/II
BR58 Le Secret (The Secret(, Db Major Gabriel Faure BB1/I
BR101 Le Violette, F Major Allessandro Scarlatti 26 It./ML
BR59 Les Roses D'ispahan Gabriel Faure BB2
BR60 Let Each Gallant Heart Henry Purcell BB2
BR61 Lord, God Of Abraham Felix Mendelssohn BB2
BR62 Lord, I Want To Be A Christian, Db Major Josh Payne BB1/I
BR63 Love Is A Bable C. Hubert H. Parry BB2
BR14 Lungi Dal Caro Bene (Far From My Love I Languish), F Major Giuseppe Sarti BB1/I
BR64 Mattinata Ruggiero Leoncavallo BB2
BR10 Memory John Ireland BB2
BR65 Message, The (Botschaft) Brahms BH/Baritone
BR66 Nature's Adoration Ludwig van Beethoven BB2
BR67 Next Winter Comes Slowly, G Minor Henry Purcell BB1/I
BR102 Nina, D Minor Anonymous 26 It./ML
BR68 Non Posso Disperar, D Minor Giovanni Battista Bononcini 26 It./ML
BR69 O Del Mio Dolce Ardor, D Minor Christoph Willibald Von Gluck 26 It./ML
BR70 O Mistress Mine, D Major Roger Quilter BB1/I & BH/Baritone
BR9 O'er The Hills Francis Hopkinson BB1/II
BR71 Os Tormentos De Amor (The Torments Of Love) Kilenyi BB1/II
BR3 Piu Vaga E Vezzosetta Giovanni Bononcini BB2
BR72 Plague Of Love, The Arne/Arr. Wilson BH/Baritone
BR73 Plaisir D'amour Giovanni Martini BB2
BR74 Pretty As A Picture Herbert BB1/II
BR103 Pur Dicesti, O Bocca Bella, C Major Antonio Lotti 26 It./ML
BR75 Quella Fiamma Che M'accende, E Minor Benedetto Marcello 26 It./ML
BR107 Quia fecit mihi magna (Magnificat) Bach, J.S. HL/OA
BR104 Se Florinda E Fedele, F Major Alessandro Scarlatti 26 It./ML
BR76 Sea Fever Andrews BB1/II
BR77 Sea Moods, Bb Major Mildred Lund Tyson BB1/I
BR78 Sea, The, D Major Edward MacDowell BB1/I
BR79 Si, Tra I Ceppi George Handel BB2
BR80 Since From My Dear Henry Purcell BB2
BR81 Sunday Morning (Sonntag) Brahms BH/Baritone
BR82 Tally-ho, D Major Franco Leoni BB1/I
BR83 The Blind Ploughman, C Minor Robert Corningsby Clarke BB1/I
BR84 The Bonnie Earl Of Murray Gurney BH/Baritone
BR85 The Friars Of Orders Gray, C Major William Sheild BB1/I
BR86 The Jolly Roger, F Major R. Ritchie Robertson BB1/I
BR87 The King Of Love My Shepherd Is, C Major Charles Francois Gounod BB1/I
BR88 The Pretty Creature Storace/Wilson BB1/II
BR22 The Roadside Fire Vaughan Williams BB1/II
BR89 The Rovin' Gambler, C Minor John Jacob Niles BB1/I
BR90 The Slighted Swain Wilson BB1/II
BR4 The Song Of Momus To Mars Boyce BB1/II
BR91 The Splendour Falls, Eb Major Richard H. Walthew BB1/I
BR21 The Vagabond Ralph Vaughan Williams BB2
BR92 The Wanderer (Der Wanderer) Schubert BH/Baritone
BR93 Thy Lovely Face (Dein Angesicht) Schumann BH/Baritone
BR94 To Anthea Hatton BH/Baritone
BR95 To The Faithless One (Als Die Geliebte Sich Trennen Wollte) Beethoven BH/Baritone
BR96 Verrathene Liebe (Love's Secret Lost) Robert Schumann BB1/II
BR97 Vittoria, Mio Core!, A Major Giacomo Carissimi 26 It./ML
BR98 Walking The Woods Warlock BH/Baritone
BR18 Was ist Sylvia? Franz Schubert BB1/II
BR99 Why So Pale And Wan?, A Minor Thomas Augustine Arne BB1/I
BR100 Youth And Love Vaughan Williams BH/Baritone


Solo # Title Composer Publisher
BS23 Ah! Willow Arr. H. Lane Wilson BB2
BS24 All Your Shades (Bois Epais) Lully BH/Bass
BS25 Amarilli, Mia Bella, E Minor Giulio Caccini 26 It./ML
BS26 Bacchus, God Of Mirth And Wine Arne BH/Bass
BS27 Blow High, Blow Low, Eb Major Charles Dibdin BB1/I
BS28 Blow, Ye Winds Dougherty BB1/II
BS29 Bois Epais (Sombre Woods) Jean-Baptiste Lully BB1/II
BS30 By The Grave (Sur La Tombe Encore Fraiche) Rachmaninoff BH/Bass
BS16 Create In Me A Clean Heart, O God, Eb Major Carl Mueller BB1/I
BS31 Deep River Harry T. Burleigh BB1/II
BS32 Der Wanderer Franz Schubert BB2
BS33 Die Wetterfahne (Weathervane) Franz Schubert BB1/II
BS34 Down Among The Dead Men) Anonymous BH/Bass
BS22 Drinking Traditional German Trinkleid BH/Bass
BS35 Droop Not, Young Lover Handel BH/Bass
BS37 Du Bist Wie Eine Blume Franz Liszt BB1/II
BS36 Du Bist Wie Eine Blume Schumann BB1/II
BS38 Earth And Sky (Feldeinsamkeit) Brahms BH/Bass
BS39 Ein Ton (What Sound Is That?) Cornelius BB1/II
BS40 Eldorado Walthew BB1/II
BS41 Ethiopia Saluting The Colours Wood BH/Bass
BS12 False Phillis, A Major Anonymous BB1/I
BS42 Give A Man A Horse He Can Ride O'Hara BB1/II
BS43 God Is My Shepherd Antonin Dvorak BB1/II
BS44 Hear! Ye Gods Of Britain Purcell BH/Bass
BS45 Hor'ich Das Liedchen Klingen (E'er When I Hear Them Singing), E Minor Robert Schumann BB1/I
BS14 I Am A Roamer Mendelssohn BH/Bass
BS46 I Said, 'I Will Forget Thee.' (Nicht Mehr Zu Dir Zu Gehen) Brahms BH/Bass
BS47 I Triumph! I Triumph! (Vittoria! Vittoria!) Carissimi BH/Bass
BS75 In diesen heil'gen Hallen (Die Zauberflote) Mozart, W.A. GS/AB
BS48 Last Toast, The (Auf Das Trinkglas Eines Verstorbebenen Freundes) Schumann BH/Bass
BS20 Lay Of The Imprisoned Huntsman, The (Lied Des Gefangen Jagers) Schubert BH/Bass
BS49 Le Charme Ernest Chausson BB2
BS50 Leave Me, Loathsome Light, D Major George Frideric Handel BB1/I
BS51 Let Us Break Bread Together, D Major Gordon Myers BB1/I
BS52 Like The Shadow George Frideric Handel BB2
BS19 Lime Tree, The (Der Lindenbaum) Schubert BH/Bass
BS53 Love Leads To Battle (Pupille Nere) Buononcini BH/Bass
BS8 Love That's True Will Live Forever (Si, Trai Ceppi) Handel BH/Bass
BS10 Money, O! Head BH/Bass
BS7 More Sweet Is That Name George Frideric Handel BB2
BS54 My Lagan Lovet Arr. Harty BH/Bass
BS18 My Last Abode (Aufenthalt) Schubert BH/Bass
BS76 O Isis and Osiris/aria (Die Zauberflote) Mozart, W.A. GS/AB
BS55 On The Road To Mandalay, Bb Major Oley Speaks BB1/I
BS56 Per La Gloria D'adorarvi, D Major Biovanni Battista Bononcini 26 It./ML
BS21 Pilgrim's Song Peter Ilych Tchaikovsky BB1/II
BS6 Rolling Down To Rio German BB1/II
BS57 Salvation Belongeth Unto The Lord Maurice Greene BB2
BS58 Se I Miei Sospiri, A Minor F. J. Fetis 26 It./ML
BS4 Shenandoah, D Major Celius Dougherty BB1/I
BS59 The Bells Of Clermont Town, D Minor A. M. Goodhart BB1/I
BS60 The First Concert Mana-Zucca BB1/II
BS61 The Heart Worships Gustav Holst BB1/II
BS62 The Island Sergei Rachmaninoff BB2
BS63 The Owl Is Abroad Purcell BH/Bass
BS64 The Policeman's Song Arthur Sullivan BB2
BS65 The Self-banished Blow BH/Bass
BS66 The Solitary One (Der Einsame) Strauss BH/Bass
BS67 The Song Of The Flea Beethoven BH/Bass
BS68 The Valley (Le Vallon) Gounod BH/Bass
BS69 There Was A Mighty Monarch, G Minor Ludwig Van Beethoven BB1/I
BS15 Thoughts At Eventide (Abendempfindung) Mozart BH/Bass
BS70 To The Forest Tschaikowsky BH/Bass
BS71 Tobacco Hume BH/Bass
BS72 Toglietemi La Vita Ancor (Take Away My Life) Alessandro Scarlatti BB1/II
BS73 When I Was A Lad Arthur Sullivan BB2
BS74 Widmung, F Major Robert Schumann BB1/I

Publisher Abbreviations

Song Collection Abbreviations: SS1/I = First Book of Soprano Solos, Part I, G. Schirmer; SS1/II= First Book of Soprano Solos, Part II, G. Schirmer; SS2 = Second Book of Soprano Solos, G. Schirmer; MA1/I = First Book of Mezzo-Soprano/Alto Solos, Part I, G. Schirmer; MA1/II = First Book of Mezzo-Soprano/Alto Solos, Part II, G. Schirmer; SS2 = Second Book of Mezzo-Soprano/Alto Solos, G. Schirmer; T1/I = First Book of Tenor Solos, Part I, G. Schirmer; T1/II = First Book of Tenor Solos, Part II, G. Schirmer; T2 = Second Book of Tenor Solos, G. Schirmer; BB1/I = First Book of Bass/Baritone Solos, Part I, G. Schirmer; BB1/II = First Book of Bass/Baritone Solos, Part II, G. Schirmer; BB2 = Second Book of Bass/Baritone Solos, G. Schirmer; 26 It./MH = 26 Italian Songs/Medium High, Alfred; 26 It./ML = 26 Italian Songs/Medium Low, Alfred; BH/Soprano = Soprano Songs, Boosey & Hawkes; BH/Mezzo = Mezzo-Soprano Songs, Boosey & Hawkes; BH/Contralto = Contralto Songs, Boosey & Hawkes; BH/Tenor = Tenor Songs, Boosey & Hawkes; BH/Baritone = Baritone Songs, Boosey & Hawkes; BH/Bass = Bass Songs, Boosey & Hawkes; GS/AS - Arias for Soprano, G. Schirmer; GS/MS - Messiagh Score, G. Schirmer; GS/OA = The Oratorio Anthology, G. Schirmer; GS/AMS = Arias for Mezzo-Soprano; GS/ABR = Arias for Baritone, G. Schirmer, The Oratorio Anthology Bass/Baritone; GS/AB = Arias for Bass Opera Anthology. These are suggested editions; they are not required.

2016 IMEA State Solo Finalists

Camila Haramoto Pete Nampa High School 1
Kate Hansen Skyview High School 2
Isabel Ahlm Kimberly High School 3
Katherine Townsend Rocky Mountain High School 3
Adriene Pavek Century High School 1
Amrylin Wood Canyon Ridge High School 1
Braeden Farnes Highland High School 2
Ivie Linger South Fremont 3
Samuel Nielsen Blackfoot High School 1
Madeline Wickard Centennial High School 2
Oliver Blumenstein Timberline High School 3
Trinity Stolworthy Skyline High School 1
Cidney Beitia Rocky Mountain High School 2
Zach Arlit Centennial High School 3
Bass Clarinet
Sidney Short Kellogg High School 1
Alto Saxophone
Kaila Ho Mountain View High School 1
Landon Chang Coeur d'Alene Charter Academy 2
Gavin McCaw Meridian High School 3
Tenor Saxophone
Paul Roach Vallivue High School 1
Bryce Poplawsky Moscow High School 2
Corey Lambrecht Meridian High School 3
Dana Nicol Coeur d'Alene Charter Academy 3
Baritone Saxophone
Parker Piedmont Lake City High School 1
Kevin Eaton Coeur d'Alene Charter Academy 2
Hope Henry Kimberly High School 3
Maria Straight Nampa High School 1
A J Schinkel Vallivue High School 2
Marci Johnson Rigby High School 3
Robert Prasetyo Nampa High School 3
French Horn
Drew Stanley Bonneville High School 1
Conner Hansen Eagle High School 2
Bryan Seare Preston High School 3
Jackson Murphy Eagle High School 1
Nicholas Shipp Timberline High School 2
Quentin Kempe Highland High School 3
Hannah Gibson Centennial High School 1
Josh Rasmussen Kuna High School 2
Trace Hadley Preston High School 3
Olivia Bird Bonneville High School 1
Joe Abajian Centennial High School 2
Scott Young Centennial High School 2
Daylen Corpany Madison High School 3
Snare Drum
Tanner Hoseley Meridian High School 1
Keaton Ledbetter Rocky Mountain High School 2
Hansel Josh Idaho Falls High School 3
Keyboard Percussion
Josh Hebert Meridian High School 1
Lindsay Smith Idaho Falls High School 2
Rachel Estrera Timberline High School 3
Multiple Percussion
Tyler Ulrich Coeur d'Alene Charter Academy 1
Preston Brinton Meridian High School 2
TJ Mimura Meridian High School 1
Cole Cooper Bonneville High School 2
Sean Hoppe Lake City High School 3
Robyn O'Donahue Victory Charter High School 1
Katherine Johnson Eagle High School 2
MIranda Soelberg Eagle High School 3
Madelein Bowman American Falls High School 4
Mezzo Soprano
Rachel Hart Borah High School 1
Danielle Casos Eagle High School 2
Emily Hales Bonneville High School 3
Makenzie Kraus Minico High School 4
Sarah Carter Post Falls High School 1
Megan Larsen Post Falls High School 2
Olivia Ward Post Falls High School 3
Olivia Niederer Eagle High School 4
Isaac Meldrum Bonneville High School 1
Aaron Real Weiser High School 2
Brandon Hunter Sandpoint High School 3
Max Miller Vallivue High School 4
Joshua Dorris Victory Charter High School 1
Austin Sharp Vallivue High School 2
Julio Murillo American Falls High School 3
Nicholas Bringhurst Century High School 4
Galen Hammond Coeur d'Alene HS 1
McCarty Carter Bonneville High School 2
Ethan Simpson Eagle High School 3
Wyatt Setian Post Falls High School 4
Anna Black Eagle High School 1
Laurana Wheeler Hillcrest High School 2
Alex Hastings Coeur d'Alene Charter Academy 3
Anaise Boucher-Browning Boise High School 1
Julia Caven Centennial High School 2
Thalia Rojas Wood River High School 3
Ava Camilo Rocky Mountain High School 1
Eunice Kweon Boise High School 1
Emma DeAngeli Boise High School 2
Michelle Johnson Lake City High School 3
Double Bass
Nicholas McClain Timberline High School 1
Lexie Friel Boise High School 2
Kennedy Greene Lake City High School 3
Samuel Schultz Capital High School 3
String Quartet
Wolfgang String Quartet Boise High School 1
Catalpa String Quart Boise High School 2
Aete String Quartet Boise High School 3
String Quintet
Capital String Quintet Capital High School 1

2016 IMEA State Solo Rankings

Category ID Total Place
Alto AL2 537 1
Alto AL10 533 2
Alto AL21 526.5 3
Alto AL15 525.5 4
Alto AL17 524.5 5
Alto AL13 517.5 6
Alto AL6 516 7
Alto AL11 514.5 8
Alto AL14 512 9
Alto AL9 511.5 10
Alto AL4 510.5 11
Alto AL23 506 12
Alto AL7 502 13
Alto AL12 501 14
Alto AL16 499.5 15
Alto AL19 499 16
Alto AL8 499 16
Alto AL1 494.5 17
Alto AL3 490.5 18
Alto AL18 489 19
Alto AL5 487.5 20
Alto AL20 478 21
Alto Saxophone AS5 571 1
Alto Saxophone AS1 560 2
Alto Saxophone AS7 558 3
Alto Saxophone AS9 541 4
Alto Saxophone AS12 536 5
Alto Saxophone AS6 534 6
Alto Saxophone AS2 508 7
Alto Saxophone AS10 506 8
Alto Saxophone AS3 496 9
Alto Saxophone AS11 491 10
Alto Saxophone AS8 465 11
Alto Saxophone AS4 389 12
Baritone BR7 546 1
Baritone BR19 542 2
Baritone BR12 541.5 3
Baritone BR2 538 4
Baritone BR10 533.5 5
Baritone BR1 532 6
Baritone BR9 529 7
Baritone BR8 516 8
Baritone BR3 515 9
Baritone BR13 514 10
Baritone BR4 513 11
Baritone BR5 512 12
Baritone BR20 510.5 13
Baritone BR11 507 14
Baritone BR16 502 15
Baritone BR18 502 15
Baritone BR14 499 16
Baritone BR6 491 17
Baritone BR17 459 18
Baritone BR15 440 19
Baritone Saxophone BX4 490 1
Baritone Saxophone BX2 469 2
Baritone Saxophone BX3 427 3
Baritone Saxophone BX1 404 4
Bass BS23 564 1
Bass BS2 552 2
Bass BS18 540 3
Bass BS17 536 4
Bass BS7 532 5
Bass BS19 531 6
Bass BS21 518.5 7
Bass BS12 511 8
Bass BS1 507 9
Bass BS20 506.5 10
Bass BS4 494 11
Bass BS9 488 12
Bass BS16 480 13
Bass BS22 477 14
Bass BS8 476 15
Bass BS11 475 16
Bass BS5 470 17
Bass BS10 465 18
Bass BS14 450 19
Bass BS15 448 20
Bass BS13 444 21
Bass BS6 380 22
Bass BS3 0  
Bass Clarinet BC1 431 1
Bassoon BN6 532 1
Bassoon BN7 516 2
Bassoon BN2 477 3
Bassoon BN1 458 4
Bassoon BN4 417 5
Bassoon BN5 413 6
Bassoon BN3 402 7
Cello CE2 579 1
Cello CE7 579 1
Cello CE4 566 2
Cello CE6 556 3
Cello CE9 547 4
Cello CE5 530 5
Cello CE10 519 6
Cello CE3 517 7
Cello CE11 505 8
Cello CE1 503 9
Cello CE8 500 10
Clarinet CL11 562 1
Clarinet CL3 561 2
Clarinet CL2 560 3
Clarinet CL13 557 4
Clarinet CL8 546 5
Clarinet CL9 482 6
Clarinet CL1 466 7
Clarinet CL12 463 8
Clarinet CL10 440 9
Clarinet CL6 412 10
Clarinet CL5 405 11
Clarinet CL7 382 12
Clarinet CL4 377 13
Double Bass DB7 568 1
Double Bass DB5 567 2
Double Bass DB6 556 3
Double Bass DB9 556 3
Double Bass DB10 543 4
Double Bass DB3 542 5
Double Bass DB2 534 6
Double Bass DB4 531 7
Double Bass DB8 529 8
Double Bass DB1 523 9
Duet Duet 0  
Euphonium EU1 554 1
Euphonium EU3 550 2
Euphonium EU2 528 3
Euphonium EU4 527 4
Flute FL9 583 1
Flute FL8 571 2
Flute FL1 558 3
Flute FL14 558 3
Flute FL6 506 4
Flute FL15 494 5
Flute FL13 493 6
Flute FL10 485 7
Flute FL5 451 8
Flute FL12 450 9
Flute FL11 449 10
Flute FL3 449 10
Flute FL7 398 11
Flute FL4 394 12
Flute FL2 370 13
French Horn FH12 565 1
French Horn FH3 536 2
French Horn FH11 534 3
French Horn FH10 533 4
French Horn FH14 515 5
French Horn FH4 515 6
French Horn FH1 478 7
French Horn FH13 478 8
French Horn FH8 474 9
French Horn FH5 469 10
French Horn FH9 468.5 11
French Horn FH7 465 12
French Horn FH2 439 13
French Horn FH6 437 14
Keyboard Percussion KP4 562 1
Keyboard Percussion KP6 557 2
Keyboard Percussion KP3 549 3
Keyboard Percussion KP2 530 4
Keyboard Percussion KP1 529 5
Keyboard Percussion KP5 524 6
Mezzo Soprano MS7 557.5 1
Mezzo Soprano MS2 557 2
Mezzo Soprano MS6 551.5 3
Mezzo Soprano MS11 544 4
Mezzo Soprano MS3 541 5
Mezzo Soprano MS16 539 6
Mezzo Soprano MS12 537 7
Mezzo Soprano MS5 535.5 8
Mezzo Soprano MS8 532 9
Mezzo Soprano MS4 530.5 10
Mezzo Soprano MS10 526.5 11
Mezzo Soprano MS19 525.5 12
Mezzo Soprano MS23 520.5 13
Mezzo Soprano MS13 518.5 14
Mezzo Soprano MS21 518.5 14
Mezzo Soprano MS15 513 15
Mezzo Soprano MS14 510.5 16
Mezzo Soprano MS22 506.5 17
Mezzo Soprano MS9 500.5 18
Mezzo Soprano MS17 500 19
Mezzo Soprano MS20 488.5 20
Mezzo Soprano MS1 474 21
Mezzo Soprano MS18 0  
Multiple Percussion MP2 547 1
Multiple Percussion MP1 540 2
Oboe OB2 472 1
Oboe OB3 472 1
Oboe OB1 419 2
Oboe OB4 397 3
Quartet Quart9 583 1
Quartet Quart2 577 2
Quartet Quart1 572 3
Quartet Quart6 560 4
Quartet Quart3 559 5
Quartet Quart4 551 6
Quartet Quart7 543 7
Quartet Quart5 529 8
Quartet Quart8 525 9
Quintet Quint 553 1
Snare Drum SD5 571 1
Snare Drum SD7 550 2
Snare Drum SD6 546 3
Snare Drum SD8 545 4
Snare Drum SD9 545 4
Snare Drum SD1 544 5
Snare Drum SD3 543 6
Snare Drum SD2 509 7
Snare Drum SD4 504 8
Soprano SO18 588 1
Soprano SO14 582.5 2
Soprano SO22 575 3
Soprano SO2 570 4
Soprano SO5 568.5 5
Soprano SO13 567 6
Soprano SO16 565.5 7
Soprano SO12 560 8
Soprano SO24 554 9
Soprano SO8 554 9
Soprano SO3 547 10
Soprano SO23 545 11
Soprano SO1 543 12
Soprano SO7 541 13
Soprano SO9 537.5 14
Soprano SO21 536 15
Soprano SO4 534.5 16
Soprano SO25 527.5 17
Soprano SO10 527 18
Soprano SO19 525 19
Soprano SO20 515.5 20
Soprano SO11 505 21
Soprano SO17 501.5 22
Soprano SO6 497.5 23
Soprano SO15 274 24
Tenor TE10 551 1
Tenor TE16 545 2
Tenor TE6 544 3
Tenor TE11 530.5 4
Tenor TE17 527 5
Tenor TE3 527 5
Tenor TE12 526 6
Tenor TE20 526 6
Tenor TE8 525 7
Tenor TE13 524 8
Tenor TE18 522.5 9
Tenor TE2 514 10
Tenor TE4 512 11
Tenor TE19 509 12
Tenor TE7 507 13
Tenor TE5 481 14
Tenor TE1 468 15
Tenor TE9 459 16
Tenor TE15 453 17
Tenor TE14 452 18
Tenor Saxophone TS7 536 1
Tenor Saxophone TS6 533 2
Tenor Saxophone TS3 477 3
Tenor Saxophone TS5 477 3
Tenor Saxophone TS8 442 4
Tenor Saxophone TS1 396 5
Tenor Saxophone TS2 394 6
Tenor Saxophone TS4 0  
Timpani TI3 548 1
Timpani TI1 517 2
Timpani TI2 508 3
Trombone TB6 566 1
Trombone TB9 563 2
Trombone TB2 557 3
Trombone TB8 545 4
Trombone TB10 527 5
Trombone TB4 519 6
Trombone TB5 496 7
Trombone TB7 496 7
Trombone TB3 445 8
Trombone TB1 421 9
Trumpet TR11 555 1
Trumpet TR9 548 2
Trumpet TR5 517 3
Trumpet TR8 517 3
Trumpet TR3 512 4
Trumpet TR14 501 5
Trumpet TR2 485 6
Trumpet TR13 476 7
Trumpet TR4 465 8
Trumpet TR6 465 8
Trumpet TR7 459 9
Trumpet TR1 458 10
Trumpet TR15 458 10
Trumpet TR12 411 11
Tuba TU2 529 1
Tuba TU1 527 2
Tuba TU7 527 2
Tuba TU4 522 3
Tuba TU3 520 4
Tuba TU5 510 5
Tuba TU6 504 6
Viola VA1 565 1
Viola VA2 551 2
Viola VA10 520 3
Viola VA8 510 4
Viola VA12 505 5
Viola VA11 489 6
Viola VA3 465 7
Viola VA5 460 8
Viola VA4 455 9
Viola VA6 450 10
Viola VA9 385 11
Viola VA7 0 -
Violin VN1 593 1
Violin VN14 586 2
Violin VN4 583 3
Violin VN11 566 4
Violin VN6 566 4
Violin VN8 547 5
Violin VN5 546 6
Violin VN7 496 7
Violin VN2 464 8
Violin VN13 460 9
Violin VN9 458 10
Violin VN10 455 11
Violin VN3 434 12
Violin VN12 383 13

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2017 IMEA State Solo Schedule

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