Glen Lockery

Inducted — 2008

Glen Lockery

Glen's first conducting experience happened while he was still in high school. The High School Girl's Chorus rehearsed under his study room for six weeks while he listened and learned the music. When it came time to perform for graduation the conductor (who was also the school principal) was not able to conduct the performance, so Glen stepped in and directed the group.

Glen received Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Music degrees from Lawrence University. He earned a Master of Arts in Music and Music Education from Columbia University. He also did additional course work at Columbia and Julliard.

While serving in the navy in Plymouth, England, during WWII, he formed a mixed chorus with 35 members made up of men from his unit and women from the Women's Royal Auxiliary Naval Group. The concert was a big success and unknown to Glen was broadcast by the BBC and American Armed Forces Radio.

After returning home he lived in New York City, where he became involved with Robert Shaw and the group that would eventually become the Robert Shaw Chorale. Glen stated that working with Robert Shaw was, "more valuable than any college degree he could have earned."

In 1947 Glen was hired by the University of Idaho to teach voice and to be the conductor of the Vandeleers. He held this position until his retirement in 1981. Under his direction the Vadeleers became known as one of the premier choral organizations in Idaho, touring extensively.

Glen is a member if IMEA/MENC, Pi Kappa Lamba, Phi Mu Alpha, and NATS.